I pretty much came out of the womb anxious. If you talk to my mom, she will probably tell you a story about when my sister was born. I was two and half years old, and as soon as my sister arrived, I refused to take anymore naps. There was no way I was sleeping when there was this new baby to take care of and all of these new things to do. I had to help, obviously. In middle school I had viscous stomach aches for no reason (uh, hey stress) and would panic if my presentation on cloud types wasn’t quite right, or I couldn’t figure out my homework. Almost everyday in high school I woke up popping peppermints because I was constantly nauseous.

Surprisingly enough, this didn’t go away as I became an adult. In fact, it got worse and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety during my freshman year of college. I took the medication they gave me, and it worked pretty well. While I never really liked being on it, I had tried to stop a couple of times and it didn’t work out.

In 2012, everything changed. I had three surgeries on my stomach for an appendectomy and resulting complications. I dove head first into health and wellness, and came across Tapping in my research. Tapping, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, is best described as “needle-less acupuncture.” To use it, a person taps on points of the body along the energy meridians (best known from acupuncture) identified in eastern medicine. As you are tapping, you talk out loud about what is bothering you. The combination of these two things moves energy and emotion through your body, and calms a part of your brain called the amygdala. The amygdala is responsible for stress responses and that “fight or flight” sensation we all know.

I’ve been using this technique since that year, and I can truly say it changed my life. I no longer suffer from depression, and am much less anxious. I use it almost daily to deal with everything from daily stressors, to rewriting big limiting beliefs in my life.

It’s best shown in person, so I made this video to show you. Click the picture below to check out the video, and I would love to know if you experience any changes as you tap along with me. Leave a comment here!

Learn how to use tapping or EFT and why it works

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