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Today is a great day for a couple of reasons, a. it’s the first day of June, the best month of the entire year and b. it’s the second day of the Hay House World Summit. If you haven’t heard of the summit, it’s a week-long event that Hay House produces once a year where they share all of these amazing interviews from their authors and speakers. I highly recommend that you check it out. You can get a ton of material for free, or pay $7 for even more great stuff. There are different interviews displayed each day of the week. The website is

This morning I watched an awesome interview with Julie Daniluk that really resonated with me. Julie is the author of a couple of books, including Meals that Heal. The fact that got my attention immediately:

65% of people on a diet, regardless of whether they lose weight initially, gain all of it back PLUS MORE.

Does that sound like a good strategy to you? Diets DO NOT work. Calorie restriction does not work. Low carb does not work. Low fat does not work. Eating only grapefruit for a year does not work.

You have to make a lifestyle change based on whole foods. That is really the only long-term, life-sustaining option.

The biggest part of that is cutting out highly refined and processed food — This means no white flour, no white sugar (you know from previous blogs that this is my demon), no dyes, chemicals, artificial flavors, or anything fried. If you’re buying something in a box, you need to read the label very carefully.

We all know that white bread and cookies have no nutritional value. But you also have to consider the fact that the body still has to convert these foods to ENERGY, and to do that it has to deplete the nutrient store that you do have. These foods literally rob you of nutrients.

Then replace all of that with what you KNOW is good for you. Lots of vegetables, whole grains, and (organic if you can) proteins.

I know that these are not easy habits to kick. Trust me. It takes work to find good healthy substitutes. The first few times I went to the supermarket to get all of these new foods and crazy things like agave I almost lost my mind because I didn’t know where anything was. But it is so worth it. Many experts like Julie are starting to suggest that the thing that you crave most often (hello CUPCAKES), the thing we’re addicted to, is actually the thing that we are most allergic to. Most sensitive to. Most intolerant of. Whatever you want to call it, eventually it’s going to do you some good to call it quits.

Side note: White sugar has recently been linked to heart disease. This is not just about a bikini.

But wait — that’s not it. You also have to ask yourself the question “When did I really start to feel uncomfortable in my body?” There is an emotional component to your weight loss. And until you really work through the reason that you started gaining weight, you will not see long-term progress. I promise you.

Go see Julie’s whole interview. You will not regret it.

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