Hey everybody!

We have had some pretty crazy weather changes in the mid-atlantic. It was 80 degrees on Sunday and then yesterday it was snowing! This has not helped the cold epidemic spreading through the office and my co-workers are dropping like flies. I like to tell them that I have an immune system of steel, which is pretty true. But I also have some tricks up my sleeve.

Whenever I see people getting sick around me, or start feeling sick myself, I immediately crank up the defenses. This includes drinking lots of lemon water, eating vegetables with every meal and lots of green tea. I also whip up a batch of this cold remedy that I swear by!

All-Natural Cold Elixir


-4 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (raw is best, but you can use whatever you have)

-4 tbsp filtered water

-1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

-1/2 tsp ground ginger

-1 tbsp honey

Put all the ingredients together in a mason jar or other seal-able container and shake it up! (You can dance while shaking if you want… I do)

Take a tablespoon every few hours as desired until your symptoms subside.The only downside to using this elixir is that you may be the only one well enough to be at work. It gets a little lonely sometimes 😉

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Until next time,

♥ Stephanie