New Beginnings!

Hello new friends!

It’s snowing like crazy here, so I thought it would be a good time to sit down, have some tea and introduce myself. I’m Stephanie, and this is my blog, Carrots & Cubicles. I’m an engineer by trade, but as of late I have been very interested in nutrition and how it affects our bodies and our lives. You may ask, did this interest just pop out of the blue? And the answer is no. While I had always dabbled in “natural health” (mostly by pinning things on pinterest) it wasn’t until last year that it became more than that. Over the course of 2012 and 2013, I had to have three surgeries to remove my very ill appendix. I was pretty appalled after every surgery that none of the many surgeons or doctors I was seeing every day had no advice on how I could make my body stronger and avoid another bout of hospital stays and open surgeries. They basically said, “all we can do is hope that it won’t happen again.” Well that wasn’t good enough for me, and I began to incessantly research what I could do to heal my body from the inside, with the food and supplements I was taking in every day.

That is where this blog comes in, because I want to share all of this neat stuff I’ve learned, and will continue to learn, with everyone who needs it. And I want to show that it can be done while working 40 or more hours at a “real” job. Too often our healthy role models are people that dedicate their whole lives to living this way, and while that is amazing, it is not the only way to integrate great practices into your already full life. You just have to get curious as I have done and dig in to all of the information that’s out there (as you can see I took some inspiration from my tea bag there). Hopefully I will help. At least once a week I’m going to share some great info, recipes and personal stories with you to get you going.

P.S. — my choice tea today is an organic chamomile and lavender. Everyone knows that chamomile has a calming affect, but did you also know that it has been proven to boost immunity, help fight infections, and calm cramps? Drink up! 🙂

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<3 Stephanie


  1. I’m do happy you’re doing this! I’ll be watching for new posts!

  2. Great tea for evening ~ Love camomile too! 🙂
    Good job love! Keep em coming <3

  3. I love tea as well! Favorite *
    Great blog!! Keep writing =)

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