Did you weigh yourself today? This week? This month? Or are you avoiding getting on the scale because you won’t like the number that you see?

We have too many preconceived notions about the amount that we weigh, and we let it completely control what we think about ourselves and our fitness progress. Workout and diet programs promise that we’ll lose 15 lbs in 3 weeks, or gain 5 lbs of muscle, as if it will definitely happen, and in that order.

We think that it will look something like this:


When in reality it may look something like this:

Yes, those are all of MY weights, from the last 2+ years, in a chart (thank you Fitbit scale). Over the course of MORE than TWO years, I’ve gone down 2, almost 3 pant sizes. Does it look like it on there? Not really. That’s two years of different eating styles, workouts, and lifestyles. Two years of sometimes running a lot, sometimes lifting more, sometimes vegan, sometimes eating whatever on vacation, sometimes no sugar. Two years of getting fitter and stronger, playing soccer for the first time, running a 10k, and slacking on my yoga. The only thing that has been consistent that whole time is that I think healthy eating and being active are important, and no matter what I return to that in some way or another. And if you just looked at that graph, at the numbers, you wouldn’t think I’ve made much progress. But I am a completely different, much healthier, less asthmatic, lighter, quicker, less stressed person than I was then, I assure you.

Bottom line:¬†go ahead and weigh yourself because stats are fun sometimes, but don’t get too serious about those numbers.

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