I took most (ok pretty much all) of January off to travel with my husband. We went to Okinawa, Bangkok and Chiang Mai and it was amazing. Be on the look out for future blogs with some Thai food inspiration and a lesson I learned while mountain biking. For now I want to talk about some new insight I gained this past month, and how it will change Embracing the Mess this year.

Usually around New Years I am back to the work grind with everyone else. I’m not usually big on New Year’s resolutions, as I tend to set goals around my birthday. It feels more like a “new start” to me, but I still usually begin the new year hitting the gym and detoxing from Christmas splendor. This year was a little different as I sat on the sidelines, on vacation and in a different country.

I watched my facebook and instagram scroll by full of “new year, new you” posts full of fitness programs, diets, planners, and other “get your life together now” things. I felt really put off by the message that was getting sent, and honestly almost repulsed. Repulsed that millions of women were heading into the new year cataloging all of the ways they were inadequate, instead of celebrating being alive for what is going to be a fantastic 365 days.

I know I’m a little late to the 2018 party, and most resolutions are probably already forgotten about. There is a reason for that. When goals are created out of dislike for yourself, and fueled by industries that earn more money every time a woman’s self-esteem plummets, they will not be sustainable. And even if your goals are well-intentioned, a complete self-revolution in a month, or even a year, is a tall order. Healthy change takes time and inner work.

I started this blog five years ago to share how I was changing my diet. I figured out that I had the power to make myself healthy and I wanted others to have that same experience. I love food and cooking and always will, but I feel as though I’m doing myself and you a disservice by only showing you how to make hummus and non-dairy mac and cheese.

There’s so much more to health than that, and I have gone through a lot of personal development and internal changes that I don’t share here. Like many other people, I only post on IG when I’m at the gym or proud of the breakfast I made. You don’t often see the other times I’m eating pizza at 9:30 AM (hey, it happens) or having margaritas at dinner. This “highlight reel” effect can be dangerous.

Going forward, you’re going to see more blogs and videos (oh boy, yup) about how I shift my mindset daily and how that is the real fuel for health and change. More tapping (woop!) is coming. More big-picture stuff. No phrases like “guilt-free” or “lose weight fast.” It may mean more clicks, but I refuse to contribute to the “industry” of telling women they aren’t good enough. Still hummus, though. Always hummus.

Much love,