Happy Sunday! As I get ready for another week, one of the major items on my to-do list is meal planning! I usually pick a couple main items for dinners, and then buy a bunch of produce to make salads throughout the week. One of my favorite snacks to prep is hummus! I snack on it with lentil chips, carrots, snap peas, or sometimes even right out of the container…

Let’s get real for a second…hummus can be expensive! Especially if you’re buying it by weight out of a fancy Mediterranean bar at Wegman’s. The good news is, that you can make hummus in less than ten minutes for a fraction of the price. Here’s how:

You will need a food processor, or bullet-like blender for this.


-Organic chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) (1 can, 15.5 oz)

-Tahini paste (1 TBS)

-Lemons (1)

-Garlic cloves (2)

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 TBS)

-Sea Salt & Pepper (to taste)

photo 3


Rinse the chickpeas off in a colander. Put all of the ingredients with a little water in a food processor. Pulse until smooth. Enjoy!

And VoilĂ !

photo 1 (2)Vegetarians and carnivores alike are always concerned about getting enough protein. Did you know 1/2 cup of chickpeas packs 7 grams of protein? They’re also a great source of fiber and antioxidants.



The great thing about hummus is that it can be completely tailored to your taste, and you can even get crazy with it! Want artichokes in yours? Go for it. Roasted red peppers? Even better. What if you even got a little feisty and tried some cumin and cilantro for a Mexican flair? The possibilities are endless!

Until next time,

<3 Stephanie