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10 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Milk…


Have you missed me? This week I traveled to the sunny land of California for work (don’t get too jealous – it did rain). I’m not going to lie to you; I fell off the wagon a little… I eat so well when I’m at home because I only bring healthy, unprocessed food into the house and that’s how I like it. BUT out on the road, it is a little harder. You’re at the mercy of restaurants and airports and they definitely do not have your health in mind. You’re tired and out of your element. You have to socialize with your colleagues. Trust me, I totally get it. The best tip I can give you is get some super healthy granola bars. They save me time and time again. I eat them for breakfast if I have to be at work early instead of some over processed egg McMuffin. I eat them while I’m working long hours. And I eat them on the drive back to the hotel when I’m starving and ACTUALLY contemplating that BK Drive Thru (I get pretty crazy when I’m hungry). These are my recent favs because they’re all raw and make me feel so good and energized. Just make sure you pick something without sugar added or any weird chemicals:

photo (2)






But out of all the bad things I ate over the week (pizza, tacos, chinese food…cringe…), the thing that made me feel the worst was dairy! Now this is probably something most of you are used to, and that’s because less than 40% of the world’s population retain the enzymes to digest lactose after childhood. I feel much better when I don’t have much dairy in my diet, and that is no coincidence. In order to convince you I’ve gathered 10 reasons why you should stop drinking milk:

1. Excessive dairy consumption can cause Crohn’s disease, allergies, eczema, asthma, acne, and other inflammation related illnesses.

2. Non-organic milk is full of bio-engineered hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, painkillers and growth hormones. Did you know 55% of U.S. antibiotics is fed to livestock?

3. Milk cows are raised in inhumane conditions, kept in small cages, rampant with disease. They are constantly impregnated and then the calves are taken away so that humans can drink the milk meant for the babies. When they can no longer produce milk, the cows are sent to the slaughterhouse.

4. U.S. dairy products account for 60 to 80 % of estrogens we consume.

5. Animal products, like milk, make the blood acidic. Then the blood takes calcium from the bones to increase alkalinity, setting you up for osteoporosis. There are MUCH more effective sources of calcium, like spinach and other greens!

6. High level of the sugars produced when lactose is digested has been linked to ovary damage and ovarian cancer.

7. Higher intakes of calcium and dairy products may increase men’s risk of prostate cancer by 30 to 50%.

8. Countries with the lowest consumption of milk and dairy have the lowest rates of osteoporosis.

9. Any healthy parts of your milk, including vitamins, proteins and enzymes used to digest the milk are killed off during pasteurization.

10. Cows often have an infection of the udder called mastitis due to the milking process, making their milk filled with white blood cells, aka pus.

I DARE you to try some almond milk or cheese this week. I think you will be surprised. It’s also great in smoothies!

<3 Stephanie

P.S. I got my info from places like Harvard, USA Today, Huffington Post and Discovery Health… nothing hippie dippie there folks 😉


My Secret Weapon

Hi everyone!

It’s been a crazy week but I finally have a night off and I’m excited to share my newest secret weapon with you all — green smoothies! My co-workers know all about this obsession of mine because they see me walking around with odd colored beverages every day. I was first introduced to the idea of the “green drink” while attending Hay House’s ‘I Can Do It!’ conference in Washington D.C.. One of the speakers was the amazing Kris Carr. If you haven’t heard of her, please check out her website She’s an advocate of a plant based, vegan diet and has used nutrition and other wellness practices to combat her stage 4 “incurable” cancer. It’s an amazing story and she has continued to inspire me to make changes in my life.

Now I know a vegan diet may not be for everyone, but the great thing is that just adding green smoothies to your routine can drastically improve your health. It gives your body access to all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in vegetables (and fruit!) in a form that is the most easily digested and absorbed. Instant nutrition!

Here is my favorite recipe:

– 1 handful of baby spinach

– 1/2 of a cucumber (peeled if it’s not organic!)

– 1 banana (frozen if you want it a little creamy and cold)

– about 3 ounces of coconut water

-1/2 an avocado (optional)

photo 1

Put it all in a blender and enjoy! While I’m not here to endorse random products, I have to say I LOVE my nutribullet blender. If you are going to make this a daily practice, I highly recommend that you invest in this or another great blender that will blend seeds, ice and other tricky items. It’s done in a flash, and already in a self-serve cup that I just screw the lid onto and then it’s off to work!

photo 2

I drink a smoothie like this every single day for breakfast. You cannot beat the health benefits of fresh, raw produce. Anytime you can eat (or drink!) a vegetable raw, you maximize the nutrients that you receive. Spinach alone is full of beta-carotene, folate, lutein, plant sterols, as well as vitamins C,B &K.

If you have a juicer you can also make green juice instead of smoothies. Equally as healthy, I just don’t have one so I’ve stuck with my smoothies.

On days that I work out in the morning, and want a little more protein in my life (especially important when you don’t eat meat) I make this gem, my version of a peanut butter, banana, chocolate shake:

-1 handful of spinach

-1 banana (again, I love them frozen)

-about 3 ounces of almond milk

-a scoop of almond butter (like peanut butter, only more awesome and less likely to have pesticides)

-1 tablespoon of cacao powder

Yes you read that right cacao, not cocoa. Cacao is the bean of the fruit that they make chocolate from, and it full of health benefits in its raw form. Plus it tastes like dark chocolate! Cacao is high in antioxidants, magnesium, and flavanols. It has been shown to boost serotonin levels, increase circulation, increase mental alertness, and raise levels of good cholesterol. You can get it in health food stores, or just order it off of amazon like I do.

So friends, are you convinced yet?

I hope so. If you want more inspiration or great recipes check out this video by Kris:

Good luck experimenting and I would love to hear some of your favorite recipes! I’m always looking for great new combinations to try.

<3 Stephanie

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