I know to many people, an all-organic grocery trip may be a luxury. It IS more expensive.
What really is going to help bring down the costs of organic food, is you (and everyone else) buying it! Those high school economics principles of supply and demand are really true. What makes food companies money is selling things that people buy. I wish those CEOs were all great people that are taking additives and food dyes out of food because they found out it was healthier, but that is not the case. They are starting to do it because consumers are demanding it and choosing to buy other products that are more natural.
If you want to see some great news about companies like Kraft and General Mills taking artificial colors and flavors out of their products, check out www.thefoodbabe.com. She is doing great work serving petitions that many people are signing.
If you want some guidance on where to best put your money check out the dirty dozen on www.ewg.org. It tells you what foods are most contaminated with pesticides. They also have some great databases you can search in for scores on how clean your food and household products are.
They post a list every year of the foods most and least susceptible to pesticides. If you concentrate on buying organic “dirty dozen” foods, and buying some “clean fifteen” conventional produce, you’ll be minimizing your pesticide consumption and still not blowing the budget.
Also, if your grocery store has a weak supply of organic products, you can shop online and save some money too:
 www.vitacost.com — this is what I use, mostly because they ship to me, and shipping is free over $50
 www.thrivemarket.com — the Costco of natural products! Which I could get this, but continental US only for now.
Happy Shopping!