I recently caught myself doing something that I’m sure many of you will relate to. I have a lot of exciting things happening in my life right now, with very little space “in-between” to digest it all. I found myself thinking today that “I will relax once ____ is done.” This time, it was a test I wanted to pass, but it can be any variation of things:

I will relax/be happy when…

…the weekend is here

…I get that new job

…my debt is paid off

…I’m on vacation

…I figure out ‘x’

…I lose this weight

…I get married

…the house sells

…I hear back from [insert person]

…I get paid

etc, etc. I could go on forever with examples that people, including myself, use on a daily basis. But what if you could just choose to relax now? Yes, right now, before you finish reading this sentence. Take a deep breath. Congratulations, you did it!

Ever gone on vacation and immediately gotten sick? Most people blame it on the airplane germs (yes, that recycled air is gross), but many people suffer from “leisure sickness.” Your body knows (through stress hormones) when you’re busy and it’s not a good time to get sick, and when you are taking a break and it has time to repair.

So, in the interest of taking a great vacation without getting sick, and enjoying your life more every day, choose now to relax. Enjoy the time before, during and after your achievements! If you need help managing your stress, make an appointment to have a consult with me or another health professional, therapist or a date with a friend! You are worth it.